Your company needs marketing planning.

Without marketing planning, you don’t get the success in your company, record this!

  • Win authority on the market with an owner campaign.
  • Be found for your potential clients
  • Marketing planning is a powerful tool for sales

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We absolutely Focus is on your results!

At Clikss Brasil we value excellence in service and the provision of our services. We want to offer the best for you, after all, generating results for your business is our mission and we are passionate about strategies!

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Our values

Here at Clikss Brasil these values are in our DNA! These values are our direction for making any decision, both in serving you our customers and the future of our company, come and have a coffee with us and get to know the galaxy of possibilities.

Ultra criatividade
We work smiling because we love what we do
We dedicate ourselves with heart
We dream of giant
We believe that we can help everyone who wants to be helped
Restlessness, we are always thinking of a way to improve
Responsibility is in our DNA


  • Increase customer sales through marketing solutions.


  • To be a reference in the marketing of products and services in the marketing area throughout Brazil.

Meet the Cleverson Andrade , our CEO.

My name is Cleverson Andrade, I am the CEO of Clikss Brasil, I work with digital marketing consultancy and consultancy involving Coaching strategies. With over 15 years in the market, I have great experiences, cases that worked and things that didn't work as well either. So I am sure that with my luggage I can help you, as my business is to get your hands dirty and help leverage yours. Clikss is focused on execution and we are always ready to show you the real results, with real people and not just a million reports.


Our partners: we are together to leverage your business!