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Since 2010 Qualiti Sistemas Eletrônico has been growing with us, a successful partnership that has made a difference in the lives of everyone who could experience its exceptional services from this great company, which goes to the market to bring its services with quality and mastery in its service. expert. Follow below what Clikss Brasil produced for Qualiti to stand out in this market.                 

customer since 22/09/2010 creating a SUCCESS story.
+ 64%
of users comes from organic ranking on Google.
+ 4543
visits to the site, the result of a great campaign.
of the company's total budgets comes through the website.

What did the customer think?

In the face of a very competitive scenario, the company Qualiti Serviços Eletrônico, was one of the pioneers to believe that digital marketing in a strategic way helps the company to grow and structure itself so that its competitors are left behind, our partnership started in 2010 and until then it keeps getting stronger. And now we present Mr. Romulo K. Passos CEO and founder of Qualiti, who spontaneously recorded a video to tell a little about what it is like to have Clikss Brasil as a business partner.



A complete site using techniques of hypnotic marketing , increasing sales and business.


Hypnotic Marketing

We use this technique in every construction of the site

A sequence of information sent to the user's brain, so that he perceives the value of his service and requests the same.


Straight to your persona

We give information to anyone who wants information

We created Persona and with it its main pains. This way we can connect with the customer and create a strong connection.


Increased Results

Month by Month increasing results

Through A / B Tests we were able to set a goal of success for the client and with that more results day after day.


Responsive Website + Agile method in project management, is everything your company needs.

The website of Qualiti Sistemas Eletrônicos was developed and designed for the user who accesses the internet from mobile devices, so that everyone who accesses the site will be able to navigate in a simple and intuitive way throughout the site.

The production process of a complex project like this requires a lot of organization in addition to a project management method, we here at Clikss Brasil use Scrum, where we always deliver value in all versions demonstrated to the client.

Qualiti's website was delivered ahead of schedule :)

Enter Play and watch Exclusive Video We Produce


Professional Video

What, and how did we do it?

This video is making the difference between its competitors, as it shows that it is a real company and with real people, making its customers connect even more to Qualiti. The entire video was produced by Clikss Brasil, from the script to the publication of the video on YouTube.


Arriving in their customers' inbox the Email Marketing made Qualiti increase its sales

Qualiti customers like to receive informational emails.
increasing budgets via the website, when email is triggered.
on the open fee for sending email marketing to Qualiti's mailing list.
of the customers who opened the email clicked on the link in order to visit the site.

With the 1st position in the search results, the G o o g l e Ads , helped Qualiti stand out and with that the increase in budgets was sure.

increased budgets via the website with the Google Ads tool.
of the customers who called Qualiti, ten requested a quote.
of searches for the customer's keywords, all ranked 1st.
Qualiti appears at all times during business hours with its sponsored ad.

Business Card, Stickers , Folders and pamphlets.

In addition to the visual identity, we created all the stationery and with it came the business cards, stickers, folders and pamphlets as well as the folder for the delivery of quotes and a letter of introduction. Everything was thought and created with the heart so that everyone can contemplate the professionalism and commitment that Qualiti Serviços Eletrônico has with its customers and above all the security of a well done service.


What do our customers say?

Very positive experience! Qualified staff and personalized service! Presentation of innovative tools! I indicate to all entrepreneurs who wish to modernize and computerize their means of communication, as well as build a digital identity in the face of social networks !!!

Ricardo Alves

Very positive experience! Qualified staff and personalized service. Presentation of innovative tools! I indicate to all entrepreneurs who wish to modernize and computerize their means of communication, as well as build a digital identity in the face of social networks !!!

Priscilla Muller

Work, service and first-rate professionals. I strongly recommend!

Breno Cesar

Great service, made the MKT material with excellence and quick delivery.

Roberta Cezak

A human company, full of priceless values where people work for real people. High commitment to the customer and easy communication! That was what surprised me the most when hiring and trusting your services! A big hug of gratitude to the entire team of professionals.

Jeffersonn Moraes

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