Your hamburger delivery site with one click

Is your brand not on the internet yet? Don't waste any more time. With the hectic routine, many customers love to order a hot pizza with a simple touch on their cell phone or computer. The delivery site serves this purpose. With convenience and quality, you make life easier for customers who buy without leaving home and can increase your sales by up to 70%. The best of everything? You don't pay third-party fees and you get the ideal profit.



Steps to create the delivery site



Confirmation of payment

The first step in creating your pizza delivery website is confirming your purchase with payment.



Your website's email address

After confirming the payment, our team of developers will set the domain for your delivery site. In practice, it is the address of your website, where your customers will locate your business and place orders.



Development of your delivery website

After defining the domain, the development stage of your pizzeria website begins. Our team works with a personalized website, with a responsive layout and ready for you to sell. We also include a management system in which you will have total control over your orders and deliveries.


Approval and delivery

Everything is OK? Start selling!

Once ready, the site goes through your approval and, being all right, just celebrate. With delivery working, just start promoting the tool to your customers since the site is ready to sell!

With your own burger delivery site, your business sales will rocket

In addition to getting rid of third-party fees and reducing employee costs, you can build customer loyalty with exclusive promotions and keep you informed of order status. Gain productivity, stop complaints about order errors and maximize your profits with a low investment.

Increase in sales of your hamburger shop.
People consume food by delivery weekly.
of people point to speed and ease as the causes for ordering food online.
Food orders in Brazil are made online.

Get to know our plans

Did you decide to make a delivery site for your hamburger shop? You got the choice right! You care about the best Japanese cuisine and the best types of sushi and Clikss Brasil helps you with the best strategies to sell your product. Make your delivery website with us now and count on a complete digital marketing consultancy for your business to take off!

Setup and payments
Clikss Brasil does for you
Logo insertion
Initial banner insertion or creation
Disclosure of products / services;
up until 9
Integration with social media links;
Perfect viewing on phones and tablets
Creation of the One Page by the team of experts
Contact Form
Administrative system

See our portfolio :

The website is the business card of your business. With that in mind, Clikss offers a complete service: with different formats and layouts that provide the best user experience. Bet on our developers and generate more results for your business!

Discover the advantages of making your site delivery:

Leave the creation of your site with those who have experience in the subject. Clikss Brasil has been working in the market for over 12 years, always attentive to news.


No costs and fees

With Clikss' personalized delivery website, you don't have the cost of hosting fees like on platforms. In addition to having a personalized website ready to sell, you save money by paying only for maintenance. The result? More productivity for your business!


Customer loyalty

With a delivery website, you can invest in personalized service and specific promotions for customers registered on the platform.


Reduce the cost of staff

Cut phone and call center expenses. With a hamburger delivery site your business is present on the internet and these costs can be reused for marketing strategies or other needs.


Productivity gain

Investing in a delivery site for your restaurant is a way to optimize the business. Bet on this strategy and earn more in the organization, in the kitchen routine, more efficiency in the delivery logistics, more sales and better order control with the technology.


Increased sales

An online delivery is an excellent strategy to boost the sales of your business. After all, if more than 50% of Brazilians consume internet delivery weekly, their hamburger can't be left out, right? Be found by your audience!


Reduce ordering errors

With the internet, it is much easier for the customer to register the order and their personal data correctly. Thus, hamburger delivery is a practical option that undoubtedly greatly reduces the risk of making a wrong order. In addition, communication is much easier. Imagine the time and patience the customer spends when spelling an order over the phone.

Like the idea? Hit play and learn how it works the service!


Very positive experience! Qualified staff and personalized service! Presentation of innovative tools! I indicate to all entrepreneurs who wish to modernize and computerize their means of communication, as well as build a digital identity in the face of social networks !!!

Ricardo Alves
RP Promotions and Events

Watch my testimonial on video.

Luar Uniforms

A human company, full of priceless values where people work for real people. High commitment to the customer and easy communication! That was what surprised me the most when hiring and trusting your services! A big hug of gratitude to the entire team of professionals.

Jeffersonn Moraes
Quiron Desenvolvimento

Website creation

The center of a good marketing strategy

Having a website is fundamental to your company's image, since it is a virtual business card. The website helps to position your brand on Google with several content production strategies, SEO and other functions such as access to the catalog of products / services. Clikss Brasil is an expert on the subject.


Pizzeria Sites

Delivery Sites

Is your pizzeria not yet on the internet? So stop wasting time and money.


Japanese Restaurant Sites

Japanese Restaurant Sites

Is your Japanese restaurant not yet on the internet? So stop wasting time and money.


Sites for Hamburgers

Sites for Hamburgers

Is your burger not yet on the internet? So stop wasting time and money.



Your online store ready to boost sales

With a virtual store, you boost business sales. The recipe is simple: more convenience, less operating costs and more profits for your company. Buying over the internet is a worldwide trend and investing in a virtual store is a good strategy to start. Invest and boost your sales.


Brand Creation

Your company's positioning and image

Thinking about creating brands is as important as designing the business. Clikss Brasil works on the positioning of your brand, from the creation of the visual identity to all the strategies to make it known. With what eyes do you want your company to be seen? Bet on creating brands.


Graphic material

Visual and strategic communication

To bring results, visual communication and graphic materials need to dialogue with your business. We offer a variety of graphic materials (from business cards to banners for events). In the visual communication area, work on personalized creation of arts that will represent your brand.


Visit cards

Your company's image in the palm of your hand

Essential for any company, the business card is a graphic material that cannot be missing at any time. With low cost, this product is the face of your company and facilitates networking. If you need to create one or want to reformulate the visual identity of yours, count on the agency Clikss Brasil.


DIGITAL Business Card

A new business card concept. Modern, Practical and Interactive.

Have a product with more interaction and economy with unlimited sharing. Leverage your sales through Whatsapp, which is the most used messaging application worldwide.


Google Ads

Accelerate your results and attract more customers

Want to be found by those looking for your service on the internet? With Google Adwords this is possible. Invest in this service and be entitled to strategic campaigns to obtain results for your business in the short term. With this tool, you can also measure results and improve strategies.


Website optimization (SEO)

Get found on Google without spending on ads

Show up in top Google positions without spending on ads. The agency Clikss Brasil offers a complete SEO optimization job. This is an organic way for your product to appear on Google. Your company can still be positioned as an authority in the niche market of which it is a part.


Social Ads

Boost your sales, improve your engagement

With ads and campaigns on social networks, you communicate better with your audience and manage to sell more. The idea of the service is to use the information of people who are at the base of your company's social networks to promote products and attract customers. Announcements can be made in several formats.


Social media management

More than likes, we seek results

Good social media management is focused on performance. We work with relevant content and campaigns to ensure greater attraction, engagement and sales. Our service also includes Customer Service 2.0 for customer questions and answers and analysis of results with personalized reports. Invest now!


Website hosting

An incredible website asks for incredible hosting

The website must be beautiful and functional. Therefore, Clikss Brasil, offers the best hosting services to guarantee performance and security for your website. Avoid the headache of having a website down and ensure protection from hacker intrusions. Bet on the team of programmers at Clikss Brasil.

What do our customers say?

Work, service and first-rate professionals. I strongly recommend!

Breno Cesar

A human company, full of priceless values where people work for real people. High commitment to the customer and easy communication! That was what surprised me the most when hiring and trusting your services! A big hug of gratitude for the entire team of professionals.

Marina Brito

Great service, made the MKT material with excellence and quick delivery.

Roberta Cezak

Very positive experience! Qualified staff and personalized service. Presentation of innovative tools! I indicate to all entrepreneurs who wish to modernize and computerize their means of communication, as well as build a digital identity in the face of social networks !!!

Priscilla Muller

Super professional company and team. I recommend!

Junior Silva

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