Your pizza delivery site with one click

Is your pizzeria not yet on the internet? So stop wasting time and money. In times of practicality, have you ever thought that the public may be thinking of buying a pizza without leaving home? With a delivery website, you increase the ease for the customer when buying, strengthen the image of your business and can increase your sales by up to 70%. Now guarantee your pizza delivery website in a personalized way, without having to pay absurd hosting fees. Talk to one of Clikss Brasil's consultants!



Steps for creating the delivery site



Confirmation of payment

The first step in creating your pizza delivery website is confirming your purchase with payment.



Your website's email address

After confirming the payment, our team of developers will set the domain for your delivery site. In practice, it is the address of your website, where your customers will locate your business and place orders.



Development of your delivery website

After defining the domain, the development stage of your pizzeria website begins. Our team works with a personalized website, with a responsive layout and ready for you to sell. We also include a management system in which you will have total control over your orders and deliveries.


Approval and delivery

Everything is OK? Start selling!

Once ready, the site goes through your approval and, being all right, just celebrate. With delivery working, just start promoting the tool to your customers since the site is ready to sell!

With your own pizza delivery site you have a powerful sales tool.

In addition to getting rid of third-party fees and reducing employee costs, you can build customer loyalty with exclusive promotions and keep you informed of order status. Gain productivity, stop complaints about order errors and maximize your profits with a low investment.

Increase in sales of your pizzeria.
People consume food by delivery weekly.
People point to speed and ease as the causes for ordering food online.
Food orders in Brazil are made online.

Get to know our plans

A pizzeria that doesn't advertise on the internet or doesn't have a website is losing money . With a website delivery your business can only win. Clikss Brasil delivers in a personalized way, with a responsive layout and best of all: it still helps you with digital marketing consultancy. Know the plans and make your business rock!

Setup and payments
Clikss Brasil does for you
Logo insertion
Initial banner insertion or creation
Disclosure of products / services;
up until 9
Integration with social media links;
Perfect viewing on phones and tablets
Creation of the One Page by the team of experts
Contact Form
Administrative system

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For over 15 years in the market, Clikss Brasil has experience with the most varied types of websites. You can imagine, our team develops with a lot of love, thinking about the user experience on any device.

Reasons and advantages to have a Delivery

With Clikss Brasil you can be sure that your website is developed by those who understand the subject.


No costs and fees

With Clikss' personalized delivery website, you don't have the cost of hosting fees like on platforms. In addition to having a personalized website ready to sell, you save money by paying only for maintenance. The result? More productivity for your business!


Customer loyalty

Want to provide exclusive service to your customers? With a delivery website you can. In addition to the practical system when ordering and paying, you can also use the platform to carry out exclusive promotions and loyalty programs. Customer service is also a differentiator of the proposal, since the customer has access to all stages of the order until delivery.


Reduce the cost of staff

Have you thought about reducing the operational costs of your business and investing in quality in a practical way? With a delivery website you can. Say goodbye to phone call centers. In addition to the platform being more practical and quick, the service is exclusive and you can reduce your company's operating costs and still gain in agility.


Productivity gain

Do not waste any more time nor the customer with problems related to the service and delivery of products. Clikss Brasil sets up a personalized and responsive website for its delivery and thus, your business gains in productivity.


Increased sales

Research shows that deliverys sites can generate an increase of up to 70% in sales. Don't waste any more time and make your website personalized with Clikss Brasil. Without a doubt, it is an investment that will bring returns.


Reduce ordering errors

With a more accessible and quick communication, the site delivery facilitates the registration of the order. Employees receive, in real time, messages from customers that monitor the execution and delivery of the service. No errors, more productivity and more sales.

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A human company, full of priceless values where people work for real people. High commitment to the customer and easy communication! That was what surprised me the most when hiring and trusting your services! A big hug of gratitude to the entire team of professionals.

Jeffersonn Moraes
Quiron Desenvolvimento

Very positive experience! Qualified staff and personalized service! Presentation of innovative tools! I indicate to all entrepreneurs who wish to modernize and computerize their means of communication, as well as build a digital identity in the face of social networks !!!

Ricardo Alves
RP Promotions and Events

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